Reviews & More

TWR will occasionally publish book, art, film and other reviews. But, at least for now, TWR doesn’t accept unsolicited reviews of anything. If you have an idea for a review please email the editor. Possible reviews of obscure but interesting academic books will attract more interest than those of fiction or creative nonfiction.

Payment for book and other reviews will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. Reviews published in this journal may not be reprinted anywhere else before soliciting the written permission of the editor. A reviewer is entitled to a free copy of TWR in which their work appears.

TWR welcomes any other material that may enrich its pages, including cartoons and illustrations. We encourage you to reach out with suggestions and questions if there is work in your possession, including rare archival footage of anything, that you think would get the attention of TWR’s editorial team.

By email:

By phone: +256 764 200 537

By post (please include name, phone and return address):  P.O. Box 114885 Kampala, Uganda